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Masses of power

The new high-capacity Stage 5 engine guarantees maximum performance, efficiency and reliability.

High-performance transmission

The M6002’s transmission is designed for high speeds and heavy payloads.

Impressive lifting capacity

The CCLS hydraulics provides high performance for both the rear and front linkages.

Comfort and space

The M6002’s cab offers plenty of space as well as high levels of comfort and optimised ergonomics.

Unique manoeuvrability

Its exceptional agility makes the M6002 the ideal tractor for tight spaces and frequent turning manoeuvres.

  • Kubota’s Stage 5 engine is the most powerful 4-cylinder engine in the agricultural sector.

  • This innovative engine features outstanding power combined with low fuel consumption.

  • The 6.1-litre four-cylinder engine delivers constant torque across a wide speed range.

  • The Powerboost function provides an extra 20 hp for road applications

  • The large 230-litre fuel tank lets you work for long hours without refuelling.

  • 24F/24R powershift transmission as standard or you can choose the optional 32F/32R creeper group.

  • The modern transmission is equally impressive for demanding work in the field and fast haulage applications.

  • Shift gears the way you prefer – at the touch of a button or using the new multifunction lever.

  • The aggressiveness of the powershift can be adjusted to the speed of travel at the flick of a switch.

  • The new “Xpress restart” function allows you to stop the tractor without needing to use the clutch.

  • Powerful 7,000 kg rear lifting capacity means you can use even heavy implements.

  • The Kubota M6002 makes light work of even the toughest front loader tasks.

  • The efficient CCLS hydraulic system has a flow capacity of 115 l/min.

  • Three mechanical valves are standard on the tractor, with a further mechanical valve available as an option.

  • Maintenance is easier because there is only one hydraulic pump and just a single filter.

  • The large cab provides heaps of space and the comfort of a premium tractor.

  • The wide-opening doors make getting in and out safe and simple.

  • The large sliding glass roof provides an excellent view of the fully raised front loader.

  • The sprung cab and premium seat ensure a high level of driver comfort.

  • All controls are logically arranged and easy to operate.

  • Kubota’s portal front axle with bevel gear drive allows an exceptional 35° - 55° steering angle.

  • With 480/65R24 tyres, the tractor’s turning circle is just 4.5 m.

  • The M6002 has an amazing 58 cm of ground clearance – ideal for forage collection or caring for taller crops.

  • Kubota’s innovative Bi-Speed technology makes turning even easier and gentler on the soil.

  • Tight turning manoeuvres are no problem, even with a fully raised front loader.

Front loader
  • Five newly developed front loader models are available for the Kubota M6002.

  • Tractor and front loader are optimally matched for efficient operation.

  • Maximum lifting capacity can be as much as 2,400 kg.

  • The joystick controls all functions of the front loader and is ergonomically placed within easy reach.
    You have a wide range of implements for the new front loaders to choose from.

Kubota Farm Solutions
The cycle of success


The Kubota M6002 is ideal for farmers who are looking for great manoeuvrability, excellent visibility, high levels of comfort and outstanding performance. Its versatility makes it the perfect solution for mixed farms, as well as dairy and cattle farmers.


With the M6002, you literally have all controls at your fingertips. Integrated into the armrest, the modern multifunction lever gives you direct access to all important tractor functions.


The optional 7” K-Monitor gives the Kubota M6002 precision farming capability. This enables you to use fertilisers, pesticides and seeds efficiently, while significantly reducing your workload.

Value protection

Kubota tractors offer proven quality and excellent performance. With a maintenance contract, you can protect your investment for years to come. What’s more, Kubota offers you up to five years warranty for the M6002.

Finance management

The M6002 is all about highly efficient, versatile work. With the help of Kubota Finance, you can invest in a technology that will make an important contribution to your long-term success.

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